Delivering sustainable solutions for soil and plant health

Reducing soil pollution and chemical dependency within commercial crop production

CROPFUN training promotes a consultancy-based approach in line with 4R’s nutrient stewardship for sustainable farming practices

About Dyacare

Dyacare is a UK-based international business centre

Dyacare’s international corporate ethos emphasises the provision of crop and soil solutions to identified needs, rather than pure product sales. And as an experienced marketing and distribution platform, Dyacare offers secure global access to some of the best fertilisers, soil conditioners and bio-stimulants.

Product selection and advice is provided through a consultancy-based approach, where we offer sustainable solutions for agriculture and horticulture, specifically tailored to ensure that the 4R’s nutrient stewardship rules are adhered to.

With all speciality fertilisers, bio-stimulants and soil conditioners, there will be a degree of product and application knowledge transfer required. All Dyacare offices are equipped with bespoke training facilities which are offered to the sales teams and technicians of formulators and distributors. This is what we are good at!  

Our “CROPFUN” training programme nurtures an agricultural consultative approach alongside technical product and crop knowledge, to provide the best solution advice for the ultimate benefit of farmers and growers.

Dyacare attitudes and approach to soil and plant health are always based on sustainable solutions. And like “plant doctors”, our CROPFUN trained advisors, identify and advise on the treatment of visual symptoms relating to poor or inhibited plant performance, while also seeking out probable causes to enable growers to reduce limiting factors to crop health, quality and saleable yield.


In Asia our CROPFUN training programme has supported development of around 20-30 newly qualified advisers each year. CROPFUN plant doctors are trained to specialise in crops and growing conditions that are specific to their region. They understand the individual needs of local growers and the quality demands of the relevant markets. CROPFUN plant doctors help growers to achieve the highest returns for their crops by improving crop health and quality, while also reducing reliance on chemical pesticides.