Dyacare is a UK-based international business centre

We are a commercial gateway to European markets for Asian, African, European and American manufacturers of high-quality bespoke products, combined with technical and commercial staff training services.
Product selection and advice is provided through a consultancy-based approach, where we offer sustainable solutions for agriculture and horticulture, specifically tailored to ensure that the 4R’s nutrient stewardship rules are adhered to.
(RIGHT SOURCE, RIGHT RATE, RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE. (http://www.nutrientstewardship.com/4rs/)

Dyacare’s international corporate ethos emphasises the provision of crop and soil solutions to identified needs, rather than pure product sales. And as an experienced marketing and distribution platform, Dyacare offers secure global access to some of the best fertilisers, soil conditioners and bio-stimulants.
We understand the needs of our distributor customers and help them to design unique products which have greater commercial success within their specific markets.

Our Consulting services include;

1) Outsourcing markets
a) Product line design: For companies wishing to enter the fields of; speciality fertilisers, bio-stimulants and soil improvers, we can design products that are more in line with company ethos, local government guidelines and the needs of local farmers and their crops. Additionally, we offer brand design, product packaging, purchasing, etc.
b) Country market entry consultation
With more than 30 years’ experience in international agriculture, Dyacare is fully aware of the intricacies of trade and registration required for Asia, Africa, Europe and the America’s. We know the likely opportunities and pitfalls of these continents better than many of our clients, and have historic access to a highly respected and successful client base of formulators, distributors and consultants who also understand their local markets and provide best advice, based on proven consultative strategies.

2) R&D, and Training services
a) Dyacare has research and development partnerships with many R&D institutions to help customers develop and test quickly. (SYRIC, CAAS, NWSUAF, and others) We keep in touch and co-operate with fertiliser research institutes and universities in the UK and China
b) Dyacare Biotech (Shanghai) is in the process of establishing a regulatory office in Beijing to support clients who require regulatory services in Europe, Asia, Africa and the America’s. which means we can provide more mature services in the field of product registration and regulatory services
c) Customised production: There will always be a need for new products to conform to changing legislation, localised climate or specific market needs.  Dyacare supports its clients with customised production and presentation of their products to meet identified crop and market needs. In both the UK and China we have a wealth of cooperative corporate resources to support this.
d) With all speciality fertilisers, bio-stimulants and soil conditioners, there will be a degree of product and application knowledge transfer required. All Dyacare offices are equipped with bespoke training facilities which are offered to the sales teams and technicians of formulators and distributors. This is what we are good at!  Our “CROPFUN” training programme nurtures an agricultural consultative approach alongside technical product and crop knowledge, to provide the best solution advice for the ultimate benefit of farmers and growers.



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